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Last Update: August 1995. Includes GPS flight log archive.
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The World Gliding Championship in New Zealand is over now. I think making the results available worked very well. Bruce Hoult posted them on rec.aviation.soaring and e-mailed them to me. I made the results available on my World Wide Web server. The posting usually took at least a couple of days to propagate, but the e-mail and subsequent posting on the WWW was basically instantaneous.

I would like to setup the same system during other gliding contests. I am willing to put the results on the WWW as soon as I get them. If we can find somebody that is at a contest and is willing to e-mail the results to me, we can enjoy the results basically immediatelly. So, if you plan to go to a contest and have the capability to e-mail from there, please contact me so we can setup the posting of the results. I can also post these results on rec.aviation.soaring if you have only e-mail access during a contest, but not newsgroup access. This of course goes for any contest, not just US contests.

Final Results

Excel Spreadsheet with final results

General Information

General Information


Site map of the World Glide Championship (Postscript ~1.2Mb)
Site map of the World Glide Championship (Postscript compressed ~258kb)

Here is a smaller version of the same map:
Site map of the World Glide Championship (Postscript ~490kb)
Site map of the World Glide Championship (Postscript compressed ~132kb)

Here are the two images in gif versions:
Site map of the World Glide Championship (~35kb)
Site map of the World Glide Championship (~35kb)

Miscellaneous Reports

Bulletin No. 2 of practice week
Bulletin No. 3 of practice week
Bulletin No. 4 of practice week
Bulletin No. 5 of practice week
Bulletin for 7 January
Bulletin for 8 January
Bulletin for 9 January
Bulletin for 10 January
Bulletin for 12 January
Bulletin for 13 January
Bulletin for 15 January
Bulletin for 16 January
Bulletin for 21 January

Practice Tasks

Practice Day 1
Practice Day 2
Practice Day 3
Practice Day 4
Practice Day 5



January 1. Practice Day 1
January 2. Practice Day 2
January 3. Practice Day 3
January 4. Practice Day 4
January 5. Practice Day 5



January 8. No Competition
January 9. Competition Day 1
January 10. Competition Day 2
January 11. Competition Day 3
January 12. Competition Day 4
January 13. Competition Day 5
Summary after Competition Day 5
January 14. No Competition
January 15. Competition Day 6
January 16. Competition Day 7
January 17. Competition Day 8
January 18. Competition Day 9
January 19. No Competition
January 20. No Competition
January 21. Competition Day 10

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