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Here are the pictures of Sudanese Buffalo (Syncerus caffer brachyceros) with links to the pages on which they appear, links to the full sized picture, and the description of the picture with links to the entry in iNaturalist (

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Benin Nature
Syncerus caffer brachyceros
Herd of Sudanese Buffaloes (Syncerus caffer brachyceros, german: Kaffernb├╝ffel, french: Buffle d'Afrique) staring at us. They always stare at visitors. They can look pretty threatening that way, especially for the fact that they are known to have a bad temper. (927k)
Togo Nature
Syncerus caffer brachyceros
Sudanese Buffalo (Syncerus caffer brachyceros, german: Kaffernb├╝ffel, french: Buffle d'Afrique), as usual staring at us. (682k)

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