TAF for SCCF provided by aerobaticsweb.org
Current time: Friday, 24 Sep, 2021, 15:08 UTC
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The most recent TAF forecast from SCCF in our system was generated at
2021/09/24 12:03
The forecast is:
SCCF 2021/09/24 12:03
TAF SCCF 241010Z 2412/2512 11018KT CAVOK TX26/2418Z TN04/2509Z
BECMG 2413/2415 09012KT
TEMPO 2418/2421 28020G30KT
BECMG 2423/2501 26010KT
BECMG 2502/2504 11012KT
BECMG 2505/2507 11018KT

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