Atum was the Creator God (see Egyptian Mythology). Be created himself when the waters of Nun, the Water Chaos, receded. The first land to show was the Ben Ben stone, upon which sat Atum. Atum performed auto fellatio and spat out Shu (the air) and Tephnut (the moisture). When Atum masturbated, the first word he exclaimed was deified into the God Hu. Atum then drew blood from his penis and created the Goddess Sia. Sia was the personification of the Divine Knowledge/Omniscience of the Gods. Hu was the personification of the Divine Utterance, the Voice of the Gods. Heka, the personification of the Divine Power, joined Hu and Sia in a divine Triad. Atum is usually shown with the Pshent, or Double Crown of Upper and Lower Egypt.

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Atum - The Creator God

Relief Atum Left Ra
Relief of Atum (left), Ra Horakhty (a form of Horus with Amun Ra's Crown), and the Pharaoh Ramesses II (center) in the Karnak Temple in Luxor. (1245k)
Relief Atum Left Karnak
Relief of Atum (left) in the Karnak Temple in Luxor. (1229k)
Relief Atum Right Holding
Relief of Atum (right, holding the Was Scepter), Isis (middle, holding a Papyrus), and a Pharaoh (left) in the Philae Temple of Isis. (705k)

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