Berlin has been the capital of Germany again since 1990 after the reunification of east and west Germany.

It was first mentioned in documents in the 13th century. Throughout the centuries it was the capital of various states (Brandenburg, Prussia, Germany).

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Siegessäule Victory Column
Siegessäule (Victory Column). (1076k)
Close-up Siegessäule Victory Column
Close-up of the Siegessäule (Victory Column). (1123k)
Brandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate. (1063k)
Closer View Brandenburg Gate
Closer view of the Brandenburg Gate. (1061k)
Reichstag Building 1894
Reichstag building (from 1894). (1341k)
Berlin Cathedral German Berliner
Berlin Cathedral (German: Berliner Dom). (1387k)
German Historical Museum
German Historical Museum. (1430k)
Berlin Cathedral Tv Tower
Berlin Cathedral and the TV tower located in the former East Berlin. (1190k)
Kollhoff Tower Potsdamer Platz
Kollhoff Tower at Potsdamer Platz. (1.5M)
Equestrian Statue Friedrich Great
Equestrian statue of Friedrich the Great. (1219k)
Lots Construction Berlin
Lots of construction in Berlin. (1400k)
Bicycle Taxi
Bicycle taxi. (1273k)

Pergamon Museum

The Pergamon Museum contains artifacts from ancient civilizations like Sumer, Assyria, Babylon, Greece, Rome.

Pergamon Altar
Pergamon Altar. (1388k)
Detail Pergamon Altar
Detail of the Pergamon Altar. (1230k)
Ishtar Gate Babylon
Ishtar gate from Babylon. (1.8M)
Ishtar Gate Babylon
Ishtar gate from Babylon. (1.6M)
Assyrian Sculpture Ninive
Assyrian sculpture from Ninive. (1254k)
Assyrian Frieze Ninive
Assyrian frieze from Ninive. (1.7M)
Cuneiform Seal Babylon
Cuneiform seal from Babylon. (1164k)
Greek Vessel
Greek Vessel. (1145k)
Roman Floor Mosaic
Roman floor mosaic. (2.3M)

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