On this page are some miscellaneous pictures from Morocco.

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School Children Bicycles Lot
School children on bicycles. There were a lot of them on the road as school closed. (817k)
Each Town Taxis Specific
Each town has taxis in a specific color. Ouazzane had yellow taxis. (697k)
Taxis Meknes Light Turquoise
Taxis in Meknes are light turquoise in color. (618k)
Taxis Chefchaouen Course Blue
The taxis in Chefchaouen are of course blue, like the buildings. (739k)
Taxis Fez Red
Taxis in Fez are red. (620k)
Ifrane Taxis Green
In Ifrane the taxis are green. (914k)
Roses Valley Taxis Pink
In the Roses Valley the taxis are pink like the Damask Rose. (724k)
Tan Taxis Marrakesh
Tan taxis in Marrakesh. (698k)
Horse-drawn Carriage Marrakesh
Horse-drawn carriage in Marrakesh. (812k)
Sign Arabic Top Row
Sign in Arabic (top row), Berber language (middle row) and French (lower row). (662k)
Vineyard Ifrane
Vineyard near Ifrane. (782k)
Date Store
Date store. (959k)
Market Stores Marrakesh
Market stores in Marrakesh. (795k)
Store Cereals Rice
Store with cereals and rice. (794k)
Store Cereals Rice Pasta
Store with cereals, rice, and pasta. (1026k)
Colorful Spice Store Marrakesh
Colorful spice store in Marrakesh. (1271k)
Market. (990k)
Burger King
Burger King is here. (662k)
As is McDonald's. (688k)
Fishing Nets
Fishing nets. (612k)
Fisherman Nets
Fisherman and his nets. (863k)
Shepherd Small Flock Sheep
Shepherd with a small flock of sheep. (654k)
Herd Sheep Middle Atlas
Herd of sheep in the Middle Atlas. (1050k)
Sheep Even City
Sheep even in the city. (609k)
Mountains Desert More Goats
In the mountains and the desert there were more goats. (1241k)
Riding Donkey
Riding a donkey. (800k)
Old Man Donkey
Old man and his donkey. (968k)
Horse-drawn Cart
Horse-drawn cart. (1019k)
Horse-drawn Cart
Horse-drawn cart. (931k)
Horse-drawn Plow
Horse-drawn plow. (915k)
Heavily Loaded Truck
Heavily loaded truck. (808k)
Donkey. (1304k)
Nomad Camp Middle Atlas
Nomad camp in the Middle Atlas. (1063k)
Fetching Water
Fetching water. (911k)
Woman Carrying Load
Woman carrying a load. (1044k)
Alphabet Berber Language
Alphabet of the Berber language. (1038k)
Painting Hangs Restaurant Truck
This painting hangs in a restaurant at a truck stop. It contains every well-known person you can imagine. (740k)
Unfortunately Areas Full Garbage
Unfortunately, some areas were full of garbage. (1427k)

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