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Dubna is a town in Moscow Oblast, Russia. It has a status of naukograd (i.e. town of science), being home to the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, an international nuclear physics research center and one of the largest scientific foundations in the country. It is also home to MKB Raduga, a defense aerospace company specializing in design and production of missile systems. The modern town was developed in the middle of the 20th century and town status was granted to it in 1956. Population: 70,663 (2010 Census); 60,951 (2002 Census); 65,805 (1989 Census).

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Apartment Complex Dubna More
Apartment complex in Dubna. This is one of the more modern ones, there are plenty old ones from the Soviet era. (284k)
18th Century Beautifully Restored
An 18th century, beautifully restored church in Dubna. (272k)
Lenin Statue Dubna Statues
Lenin statue in Dubna. He has statues everywhere. (329k)
Village Too Far Dubna
A village not too far from Dubna. (312k)
Wooden House Dubna Intricate
Wooden house near Dubna with intricate wood carvings. (296k)

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