This page has some of the pictures that I took while on the road in Rwanda. People walk a lot. There are always people on the roads, day and night. Many carry stuff on their heads, and children on their back.

Signs are sometimes in English, sometimes in French. I couldn't see a system as to what was English and what was French.

Public transportation was (as everywhere in Africa) mostly with minibuses. In Rwanda, they also use motorcycle taxis a lot.

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Rwanda Air Silted Water
Rwanda from the air. The silted water seems to indicate significant erosion. (472k)
Rwanda Air
Rwanda from the air. (578k)
Valleys Morning Fog
Valleys with morning fog. (623k)
Huge Eucalyptus Trees
Huge eucalyptus trees. (863k)
Lake Kivu
Lake Kivu. (638k)
Traffic Lake Kivu
Traffic on Lake Kivu. (572k)
People Street
People on the street. (744k)
People Street
People on the street. (804k)
Woman Carrying Child English
Woman carrying a child. English store signs in the back. (719k)
French Store Signs
French store signs. (711k)
Motorcycle Taxi
Motorcycle taxi. (772k)
Tea Plantation
Tea plantation. (958k)
Tea Plant
Tea plant. (840k)
Sign Project Funded Usa
Sign of project funded by USA aid. (854k)
Flowering Tree Musanze Formerly
Flowering tree in Musanze (formerly Ruhengeri). (1029k)
Bathroom Gisakura Guest House
Bathroom in the Gisakura Guest House, with broken toilet seat. (686k)
Kludged Light Fixture Gisakura
Kludged light fixture in the Gisakura Guest House. (480k)

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