The site was occupied since about 5000 BCE. The acropolis is a mound of successive settlements dating back to that period. The famous Temple of Aphrodite dates to the 6th century BCE. It is a beautiful work of art. Aphrodisias is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the 2nd and 1st century BCE, the site grew into an important city. By the 3rd century CE, the city was the capital of the Roman province Caria.

Under the Byzantines, the city changed. The lavish Aphrodite Temple was converted into a simple church, and many buildings were quarried for stone for city defenses in the 4th century CE. The town was abandoned in the 12th century.

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View Agora Aphrodite Temple
View of the Agora with the Aphrodite temple in the background. (768k)
Part Agora
Part of the Agora. (1003k)
Theater Baths
The theater baths. (846k)
Stone Vessels Aphrodite Temple
Stone vessels near the Aphrodite Temple. (1239k)
Stone Sarcophagus
A stone sarcophagus. (1089k)
North Baths Hadrian
The North Baths of Hadrian. (884k)
Bishops Palace Aphrodite Temple
The Bishops Palace with the Aphrodite Temple in the background. (970k)
Bouleuterion Council House Beautiful
The Bouleuterion (the council house), a beautiful, well preserved auditorium (the Odeum). (891k)
Upper Part Odeum Aphrodite
The upper part of the Odeum, with the Aphrodite Temple in the background. (849k)
Close-up Seats Odeum
Close-up of the seats in the Odeum. (808k)
Column Corinthian Capital
A column with a Corinthian capital. (871k)
Magnificent Tetrapylon Monumental Gateway
The magnificent Tetrapylon, the monumental gateway. (774k)
View Tetrapylon
A view through the Tetrapylon. (897k)
Close-up Stone Work Tetrapylon
Close-up of the stone work on the Tetrapylon. (666k)
Close-up Stone Work Tetrapylon
Another close-up of the stone work on the Tetrapylon. (577k)
Very Well Preserved Theater
The very well preserved Theater. (1042k)
Emperor's Seat Center Theater
The emperor's seat in the center of the Theater. (1066k)
Theater Theater Baths Foreground
The Theater with the Theater Baths in the foreground. (930k)
Stadium Best Preserved Stadium
The Stadium. This is the best preserved stadium that I saw. (1134k)
End Stadium
One end of the Stadium. (801k)
Seats Stadium Little Crooked
The seats in the Stadium are a little crooked, but still well preserved. (1128k)
View Beautiful Temple Aphrodite
View of the beautiful Temple of Aphrodite. (981k)
Close-up Couple Columns Temple
Close-up of a couple of columns in the Temple of Aphrodite. (702k)

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