Priene was an ancient Greek city of Ionia. It prospered in the 7th century BCE. It was still an important city in 4th century BCE, but smaller and less important than Miletus. It declined during the civil war after the death of Alexander the Great. This meant that the Hellenistic buildings were not covered by newer Roman ones.

It's setting on the steep side of Mt. Mykale is beautiful, overlooking the plains of the Meander River. The show piece is the Temple of Athena, with the five standing columns, designed by Pythius of Halicarnassus, an impressive example of an Ionian temple.

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View Priene Side Mt
View of Priene on the side of Mt. Mykale. (823k)
Parts Priene Cliffs Background
Parts of Priene with the cliffs in the background. (1079k)
Believe Sanctuary Zeus
I believe this is the Sanctuary of Zeus. (879k)
Remains Byzantine Church
Remains of the Byzantine Church. (1053k)
The Bouleuterion. (1126k)
The Theater. (1040k)
Close-up Theater
Close-up of the Theater. (1178k)
Column Pieces Scattered Woods
Column pieces scattered in the woods. (1256k)
Column Pieces Smooth Outer
The column pieces are smooth on the outer part of the contact surface, the inner part is not finished. (992k)
Temple Athena
The Temple of Athena. (926k)
Five Columns Temple Athena
Five of the columns of the Temple of Athena, with the cliffs of Mt. Mykale in the background. (1030k)
Close-up View Ionic Columns
Close-up view of the Ionic columns. (796k)

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